Wordpress With Git

  • A template for checking in a Wordpress site in to Git, including all of the config; scripts; database dump and server config.
  • Originally created so I could easily develop new plugins and themes for TimelessTime’s website.
  • Uses Wordpress as a Git submodule so the version of Wordpress is also checked in.
  • Provides scripts and cron jobs for automating database backup and commits, a GitHub commit hook and tools for developer workflow
  • Supplies a basic Apache, MySQL, PHP and Varnish config which is also all checked in.
Wordpress with Git

Js Light Meter

  • A basuc light meter using JavaScript and HTML5 canvas
  • Draws several lights of varying colours on to a canvas and turns them on and off depending on the value of the meter.
  • It does this by pushing on/off functions on to a queue which is procesed at regular intervals.
  • If you have JavaScript enabled in your browser, you can see it working in the demo on the right. Click start to start it adding random values to the meter.
There should be something cool here, but you need to enable JavaScript to see it.
Js Canvas Lights

Gradle Dependencies

  • A Gradle plugin to help prevent different Gradle sub-projects that depend on one another having different library dependencies.
  • It provides a single place in which to define dependencies with each dependnecy having a unique name. A dependency can then be returned using a utility method.
  • For example “Apache Commons Lang” can be added by setting "commons-lang3" = "org.apache.commons:commons-lang3:3.2.1". dependency('commons-lang') can then be used in each project to return the dependency value. If the version of commons-lang3 changes in the deoendencies file, every project will use the new version.
  • I am also using this project to learn about creating and testing Gradle plugins & using Travis CI as a CI environment. It’s an ongoing project and is yet to be finished.


  • TimelessTime is a management consultancy based in the South of England specialising in Business Management and Human Resource Management within SMEs.
  • I actively develop the TimelessTime website and additional online resources and tooling.
  • I also manage the network and server infrastructure and IT resources within TimelessTime.


  • The ‘Sports Comeptition Online Organiser Tool’ was originally started as part of my third year university group project.
  • The original architecture was a Java Applet, with PHP middleware and MySQL database - not the best scalable architecture nowadays!
  • The plan was to rewrite the core functionality in client side JavaScript while using Node.JS and NoSQL database.
  • Now a discontinued project

Online Teaching Tool

  • Created as part of my final year university dissertation.
  • You can see the dissertation written for the project here.
Online Teaching Tool